color management: the key to perfect reproductions

What sets Arts District Imageworks apart from all the other print houses out there? The answer is our dedication to producing the most perfect color match possible by using superior color management.

When your artwork is scanned, a scanner target is captured along with your original. This target is matched to a digital reference file to create a custom scan profile that is attached to your file.

Your artwork is then placed in our color viewing station, a light booth that evenly illuminates your work and conforms to the ISO 3664:2009 standard. Here, your digital file is visually matched to your original using our calibrated monitors.

Next, the file is proofed - printed on the media of your choice to fine tune the color match.

a profile for every printer

Each of the printer, ink, and media combinations we have available is unique. Therefore, we custom build an ICC profile for every combination possible, which allows us to get consistent and reliable results when reproducing your artwork.

In the proofing session, our employees utilize a highly trained eye for color to make adjustments in the digital file until a perfect match between print and original is acheived. We are able to carefully match subtle nuances in hue, value, and chroma and create a representation of your artwork that reflects the full impact of the original.