about the cruse scanner

Here at Arts District Imageworks, we use a Cruse flatbed scanner. Built in Germany, this scanner is the international benchmark for scanning and reproducing large format originals with utmost quality and for particularly high demands. Cruse scanners are utilized by museums, libraries, photographers, archives, architects, and other industries that require extreme detail, resolution, and absolute color fidelity.

Your artwork surface is never touched as it rides on the flat bed that moves beneath the lighting banks. Specialized light modes such as texture and polarization are able to record the tiniest details despite tricky surfaces such as high gloss or metallics. Perfect, even lighting means no hot spots, no vignetting, and no out of focus areas on your image.

Epson & nikon scanners

Two other scanners round out our in house capabilities and cover additional scanning needs.

Our professional Epson scanner is used for maximum resolution, with the ability to capture up to 6400dpi, and can handle reflective images as well as film transparencies. Our Nikon film scanner is a high performance dedicated film scanner, and offers up to 4000dpi on 35mm film, slides, and more.