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Scanning Services

Scanning services include the following:

  • Digital capture of your original using the Cruse Scanner, Slide Scanner, or Film Scanner
  • Color correction to match digital file to your original, using calibrated monitors and temperature balanced light booth
  • File transfer includes a “full size” file (300ppi file at the largest requested size), a 20MB TIF file for promotional use, and a 1MB jpg file for web/email use.

Additional services:

  • Files burned to CD/DVD disc or saved to USB memory stick
  • Proof print - See ink on paper and compare print color to your original. Proofs are kept on file in the shop for easy & accurate print reorders!
  • Proofing sessions - Make changes and spend additional time adjusting or setting up files.

Fine Art Cruse Scans
Our state-of-the-art Cruse Scanner was specifically built for capturing fine art. The Cruse scanner features incredibly accurate color management. The top of the line light system illuminates every inch of your original evenly and without glare. Special texture modes capture subtle nuance and variation in the surface of your work. The Cruse scans up to 46x70 inches in one capture.

High Resolution 4x5 to 8x10 Film Scans
The Epson Perfection Pro scanner produces high quality digital scans that exceeds most users commercial and photographic needs.

High Resolution 35mm Format Slide Scans
The Nikon Coolscan produces high quality digital scans using Digital ICE™ software that helps scans be free of dust and scratches, minimizing retouch work.

Printing Services

Your artworks deserve archival, museum quality reproductions. Our shop will cover all your printing needs!

  • Fine Art Prints (also called Giclee)
  • Limited Edition Prints
  • Canvas reproductions
  • Posters, decor, and large quantity runs
  • Signage, banners, and vinyl prints
  • Window clings and wall murals

We offer a superior selection of in-house papers: basic archival paper, watercolor paper, photographic paper, cotton paper, canvas, vinyl, adhesive backed material, and more. Our shop houses 5 types of printers with different types of inks for every project.


  • Canvas stretching
  • Laminating
  • Mounting

design Services

  • Retouching
  • Graphic design
  • Photosphop, InDesign, Illustrator

Turnaround Time
The client must bear responsibility to schedule their needs sufficiently ahead of the required completion date. Special arrangements for rush jobs depend on workload and require additional fees, and clients should understand that less than optimal work time on rush jobs is not ideal for quality results.

Limit of Liability
Submitting materials to us makes an agreement that any damage or loss by Arts District Imageworks or any of our workers entitles the client to replacement of like amount of film, paper, material used in the production of the original. Client must pick up originals upon completion of work. We are not responsible for any work left in-house for more than thirty days. Artist/owner is responsible for all insurance of artwork left with Arts District Imageworks.

Invoicing and Payment
Payment is expected when clients pick up their finished work unless previous arrangements have been made.

Artist’s and photographer’s images are copyrighted. Arts District Imageworks values integrity and honors copyrights, which are usually held by the original artist or photographer. Delivering work to Arts District Imageworks for scanning and printing implies the client holds the copyright or has rights for reproduction.

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